Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Now is the Summer of Our Discontent Extremely Pissed Off-Ness

Okay, Blogger just ate the extremely droll post I had scheduled for this morning (hint: it involved the sad true story of how I failed to kill a certain irksome pop singer when I had the chance).

Which I am too tired and too irked to recreate at this late juncture. Although I'll do so for posting on the morrow.

In the meantime, and as an indication of how I feel, I would like to invite you all to the chic bistro that I will be opening in Paris later this year.

You're welcome.


buzzbabyjesus said...


steves said...

Well, I, for one, can't believe it was more droll than that. :-D

steve simels said...

My beautiful and brilliant girlfriend art directed that. Working cheap, as always.

Anonymous said...

Steve & Brooklyn Girl:

I hate it when that happens. My condolences. Occurrences like that have a way of triggering our most basic automatic language. And I bet it wasn't Gosh Darn.

Cute acute accents on the double e's.

It's definitely martini time. I woke up just a little while ago and put on my silly Betty Boop T-shirt. The one where's she's doing the martini glass burlesque routine. Then I find your post and BG's pink martini artwork.

Then the phone rings and it's an old friend of ours from Rancho Mirage inviting us to the Falls in Palm Springs for martinis and dinner. WTF.

I used to love mine extra dry and made like they're supposed to be, with gin. Of late I've been getting into dirty martinis with four olives. But black ones, not green ones.

I put them on the fingertips of my left hand. I savor them one at a time very slowly while enjoying my drink. Sometimes I feed them to my lovers by sensually placing my fingertip in their mouth. Cocktails should be foreplay.

And I love the taste of black olives. Reminds me of something rrreally good.

The Falls specializes in smoking dirty martinis. Dry ice supplies the smoke. Olive juice the dirt. As long as they give me plenty of olives, I am so up for that right now. Dinner, not so much.

Looking forward to tomorrow's re-submission. Cheers.

Vickie Rock

Brooklyn Girl said...

Pronounced Ay-AHT-May, for those who are interested --- we had a good laugh over that one. :-)