Thursday, July 18, 2013

On a Clear Day You Can See a Couple of Feet If I'm Lucky

Recovering from yesterday's minor medical, uh, procedure, so as I said posting will be meh for the rest of the week.

Once again, though, in honor of -- and as a clue to - said procedure, here's authentic Who wannabes The Eyes and their minor mod/freakbeat classic "When the Night Falls."

I should add, however, that although the, uh, procedure went fine, there was a brief moment of panic on my part when I heard my surgeon utter the word "oops!".


Gummo said...

There was a classic early Bill Cosby routine built around that exact premise:

"Oops! Wadaya mean, oops!??"

Glad everything's okay and ... Arrrgghh!

Will you be wearing an eyepatch the next time I see you?


steve simels said...

The eyepatch -- actually, it's a rather ugly bandage -- is coming off at noon. And none to soon, because it itches like a mofo.

Anyway, apparently that's it, except I have to see the doc on a fairly regular basis for a couple of weeks to make sure nothing untoward is happening on an infection level.

Seems unlikely, though; my surgeon said it went perfectly.

buzzbabyjesus said...

Ooops in that case is just wrong.
Get well.

steve simels said...

Anybody else not currently seeing the divshare widget?

Billy B said...

Glad to hear you're on the mend.

Break a leg.

Anonymous said...

Ahhh, damn! We don't get a week of piracy and plunder?!? You'd look great in a black eyepatch taking charge of The Wicked Wench and displaying your Jolly Roger.

Avast ye! Simels the Spoliator is swinging the lead! He holds dominion over the cockswain and the powder monkeys. If we take a caulk, he shivers our timbers and stiffens our futtock shrouds.:-)

So much for being a drivelswigger. Time for some more grog and Salmagundi. Aaaaaaarghhhhh!

Ahoy, the "ayes" have it.

"Oh, better far to live and die under the brave black flag I fly. Than play a sanctimonious part with a pirate head and a pirate heart. Away to the cheating world go you where pirates all are well-to-do. But I'll be true to the song I sing And live and die a Pirate King."

Vickie Rock