Thursday, November 28, 2013

Walking in Memphis

Because nothing says Happy Thanksgiving, Everybody! like a deeply embarrassing Elvis Presley song... by Ed Wood's girlfriend Delores Fuller.

True story: The 45 of this...

...was actually on the jukebox at my college snack bar, and one night I loaded it up with two dollars worth of dimes and played the song 20 times in a row. As an experiment to see how fast I could clear the place. Pretty damn fast, if memory serves, BTW.

In any case -- Happy Thanksgiving, Everybody!!!


Anonymous said...

well, the fact that I watched the clip with pure fascination and hung on every note of the song for its full length would suggest that "The Clam" isn't so bad at all in fact its strangely compelling and attractive. I'd much rather watch "The Clam" than any ten clips from i dunno Woodstock -- cept for Jimi Hendrix Star Spangled Banner (happy birthday to him today).

edward said...

Life would be alot more entertaining if random groups of people would break out in co-ordinated public singing and dancing now and then.

buzzbabyjesus said...

I once loaded the studio commissary jukebox with about 20 plays of Motley Crue's cover of "Smokin' In The Boys Room".
Probably worked just as well as "Do The Clam".
It wasn't an experiment though, I just wanted to be obnoxious.

Anonymous said...

Elvis wrote a set of lyrics, but they got rewritten. The originals:

Grab my career by the neck
Throttle it like Richard Speck
Is these pants what you call turquoise?
Look at them bongos, fuck this noise.

Do the clam
do the clam
Clam up while I watch those bongos shake.

Anonymous said...

Friends of mine used to clear out a dive bar in downtown Phoenix by repeatedly playing the Def Leppard version of Please Release Me. The bar owner finally took the record out of the jukebox and gave it to the miscreants.

Anonymous said...

Years ago, staggering through the French Quarter of New Orleans, I found myself in a strip bar. Not being very observant, I dropped some coins in the jukebox and picked a few favorites. What I hadn't observed was that the women 'dancers' would put their own 3 songs on that they stripped to. When 'Helter Skelter' came on the woman tried to sexily dance to it, before screaming "Who the f* put this on?". Needless to say, it was time for the next bar.

Dave said...

Am I the only Power Popper to have actually DONE the Clam? I'm so proud.

Jerry Lee said...

So… people actually used to pay money to watch this in a theater??