Tuesday, November 05, 2013

The Greatest Thing From Sweden Since Blondes!

Unbelievable as it may be, and thanks to my new Facebook buddy, DJ Wayne Lundqvist Ford, a certain band (featuring a certain bass player whose name rhymes with Sleeve Nimels) will be played on an indie radio station from the land of Ingmar Bergman and ABBA later today.

The show is called Ice Cream Man Power Pop and More...

...and you can check it out on the web at RADIO ANDRA at 7pm CET.

I believe that's 2 PM East Coast time in the States, but you might want to Google that to be sure.

In any case, here's the playlist, by artist, in the order the songs will be played.

Harry J Allstars - Liquidator
The Madd - I'm Gone
Love Zombies - Smile
Ballard - Monkey
The Skywalkers - Mrs Fords Dream Collection
The Prisoners - Hurricane
Pernice Brothers - Saddest Quo
The Leftovers - Dance With Me
Bryan Howell - Why Oh Why
Wiretree - Across My Mind
Eddie and the Hotrods - The Kids Are Alright
The Floor Models - Spin Cycle
Strangely Alright - Let's take the train to nowhere
The Cry - Shaken
The Posies - I may hate you sometimes
Squire - It's Too Bad
French Church - Without Crying
The Ace - One More Chance
The Buttshakers - Mans World
Kurt Baker - Don't Steal My Heart Away

You'll note that The Floor Models are represented about half way through the set. This is as God intended, I think, and Wayne informs me he will be saying nice things about us as well as mentioning the release of our album on World's Coolest Label ZERO HOUR RECORDS.

Please -- feel free to order a copy. Ten bucks: Cheap!

Meanwhile, here's last week's show, with power pop gems by The Singles. The Stairs, The Movements, RAF, Robby Allen and The Kite Collectors, Glenn Robinson, The Zags, Phenomenal Cat, The Early Hours, The Sadies, The Barry Holdship Four, The Chords, The Brigadier, Exploding Hearts, The Frowning Clouds and...

...you guessed it...

The Floor Models!!!

If truth be told, the only band on that list (besides us) I was familiar with is The Sadies, but I gotta say I dug just about everything Wayne played, and that the hour absolutely flew by. Great stuff, in other words.


buzzbabyjesus said...

You're in good company. Ballard is a friend of mine and sometime collaborator.

steve simels said...

How cool is that?

steve simels said...

Apparently, 7pm Sweden is 1PM East Coast time here in the states.