Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Somewhere, Marconi is Turning in His Grave

So that internet radio show -- Lost at Sea, hosted by my old chum Allan Roseberg -- I guested on last week can be listened to, complete with technical glitches, over here.

Enjoy, won't you?

I should add that -- apart from the aforementioned technical glitches, for which I take full responsibility -- this episode is noteworthy for the debut of a song by friend of PowerPop Darren Riley. Who does business in the nifty powerpop band Ballard.

The short version: Essentially, I challenged Darrin to write and record an Everly Brothers-inspired song on the same afternoon I was scheduled to be on the radio. And damned if he didn't do it, and damned if it isn't really really good.

You can listen to "Take Good Care" at the link above, beginning at approximately 1:40 into the clip.

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