Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Slacker Tuesday: Special New Orthopedic High Fidelity Fifties Stereo Edition

And speaking as we were last week of 1950s rock classics in multi-channel audio -- from 1959, behold in breathless wonder the original basic track (sans the later over-dubbed orchestra and what John Sebastian used to call "crying yeah-yeah girls") of "Dream Lover."

In stereo, as nature intended.

Written and sung by the astonishingly great (despite that Kevin Spacey movie) Bobby Darin.

Darin, of course, was the missing link between Frank Sinatra and Elvis Presley, but he was even more talented than that description suggests; I've probably posted the above mp3 before, but given our recent discussion of Ritchie Valens and "La Bamba" in stereo, I figured nobody would bitch if I hocked you about it again, especially given the fact that the damn thing is just seraphically lovely. Also, I have only recently learned that the piano on the track is by none other than Neil Sedaka.

Of the single's b-side, however -- the alarmingly yclept "Bullmoose" -- I know nothing and, frankly, am disinclined to research further.

You're welcome.


joeleeh said...

this is exquisite. It's not the "basic track", though; among other things, it doesn't have a key change. Even Tom Dowd couldn't make that happen in those days. It is quite beautiful.

steve simels said...

You're right -- it's actually the demo.

I regret the error.

steve simels said...



Turns out to be a great kick ass rocker.


Brooklyn Girl said...

Loved Bobby Darin. On top of all that talent, he was extremely smart --- Bronx HS of Science grad.

if you think the Kevin Spacey movie was bad, you can't begin to imagine how astoundingly awful the live tribute show he did was. He opened his mouth, sang ONE NOTE, and my date and I turned to each other and, in unison, said, "He SUCKS." We couldn't leave fast enough. It was pure ego with no musical talent to back it up.

Anonymous said...

Bobby had some Dino in him too. I definitely hear it on this demo. The Rhino box set from about 20 years ago [already?!] is essential and includes both sides and a whole lot more genre busting wonders.

Vickie Rock - Dancin' to the Yellow Dog Blues

Dave said...

This is freakin' fantastic, Steve. It was already my favorite song of Darin's, and my favorite vocal. It reminds me of how some of Carole King's demos surpass the [brilliant] finished versions.

Dave F.

steve simels said...

Lifted that from a brilliant collection of Darin rarities.


Highly recommended.

Anonymous said...

The recently released "Milk Shows" is pretty damn amazing as well. Lotsa stripped down recordings from his 1963 radio show which was sponsored by the dairy industry. I would not lie to you. This is a truly great collection.

Vickie Rock - Milking it for all it's worth:-(

Anonymous said...

Oh shit, I thought I posted this link above. It's proof that Bobby never lost his songwriting chops. From a decade after Dream Lover.


Vickie Rock - drawing out every last drop

Ken J Xenozar said...

Vickie, love that Water Color Canvas song. Thanks!

Alzo said...

I always thought Dean Martin was the missing link between Bing Crosby and Elvis.