Thursday, November 20, 2014

Silly Love Songs R Us: Part Deux

So as I said on Tuesday, I shnorred a copy of the new McCartney tribute album.

And as I said at the time, like most tribute albums, it's wildly uneven, existing on a scale somewhere between complete crap, meh, what were they thinking?, alright but what's the point?, and okay, that's actually pretty good.

Here are two kind of cool examples -- you can rate them for yourselves.

Dion essaying "Drive My Car" (and brilliantly, in my humble opinion)...

...nd the godlike Toots Hibbert (with Sly and Robbie) doing to Badfinger's "Come and Get It" what always deserved to be done to "Come and Get It"...

Like I said, some of this is actually pretty good.


Gummo said...

So far, the only tracks I like are Dylan's and Hibbert's, and even Dylan's is too damned faithful in its arrangement.

Using McCartney's band for most of the tracks was a big mistake, IMO. It's led to too many soundalike tracks, just with a different singer plopped on top of the backing.

If you're putting out a tribute album of such familiar songs, you damn well better do something radical with them, or what's the point?

pete said...

Am I the only person here who thinks Dion sounds a bit like Joe Walsh here? Or am I insane?

side3 said...

I think the Dion track sounds great. Others I have heard that I really liked are Brian Wilson's "Wanderlust" and Paul Rodger's "Let Me Roll It"

buzzbabyjesus said...

"Come And Get It" sounds like "OblaDiOblaDa" which was Paul's attempt at ska.

Peter Power Pop said...

From one Pete to another: With Dion's "Drive My Car" I'm thinking "Joe Walsh" as well.

I enjoyed the song to begin with, but as it went on I started liking it a little less, and by the time Dion started ad libbing with "honk my horn", "step on the gas" etc. I was well and truly "over it", as young people like to say.

Actually, I'd really like to hear a Joe Walsh version of "Drive My Car".

Unfortunately, the closest I can get is a song by Joe called "In My Car":

Just between you and me – and anyone else reading this – I think that's dreadful.

I'd much rather hear "In Your Car" by Australian band The Dugites: