Friday, March 27, 2015

Eye Am the Cosmos

So I just got back from my cataract surgeon yesterday.

Immediately post-the procedure last Saturday my right peeper was 20/40.

As of Thursday, it was 20/30.

In another couple of weeks perhaps...

That song is one of the great rockers of the 90s, BTW; why that band isn't a household word (beyond the ocular reference, of course) is beyond me.

In any case, normal non-medical posting resumes next week. To your relief, no doubt.


Alzo said...

I saw Dwight Twilley a few years back and Ron Flynt from 20/20 was playing bass. I yelled for his masterpiece, 'Cheri', and he shot me a dirty look. Not at Dwight's show, I guess.

Dave said...

Like the song, which is new to me.

And I like the improving eyesight. Keep it up.

Dave F.

Anonymous said...

Julie needs a new pair of shoes....

Vickie Rock - In search of the perfect flauta/chile relleno combo before leaving Las Vergas.

P.S.: Alzo: I guess Twilley Does Mind

zombie rotten mcdonald said...

Well, they are a household word in MY household, at least...

Also, OT but on-topic for the bloggo, but I am pretty psyched that Sloan is playing at Summerfest this year....

Mark said...

Real Gone Music, a purveyor of a wide variety of CD reissues, released in 2012 the first two 20/20 albums, 20/20 and Look Out for a budget price ($13.98). You can see the deal at

What’s interesting about this reissue is that it’s the first time I ever saw a two-fer reissue of an earlier two-fer. The two 20/20 albums were first released together on one CD in 1995 on Oglio Records, which is now part of Oglio Entertainment and is no longer in the reissue biz.

Anonymous said...

Their fifth album, Interstate, deserves far more credit than it gets. Nice and crunchy. It's available on amazon for 41 cents with 4 bucks shipping. If I didn't already have it, I'd snag it and take a chance. One could do far worse.

Vickie Rock - Picasso's Big Blue Heart if just like mine.

Anonymous said...

Here's the whole Interstate 20/20 album which has been setting youtube on fire:-). Take it for what it's worth.

Land of the Free:

Trip In Hollywood

Picasso's Big Blue Heart

What Do You Feel

Cool White Laura

I Never Did No Hitler

Best Thing In the World



New Thing

So Many Reasons

Vickie Rock