Thursday, March 26, 2015

The Eyes Have It. And They Can Keep It (Just Kidding)

You know, these guys may have been the most blatant early Who rip-off of all time, but the above is a really good single, and they had several more equally as good.

In any case, off to my eye surgeon this afternoon for a follow-up progress report on my right peeper. Hopefully, I'll be posting something other than ironic medical items after the weekend.


Anonymous said...

Link Wray meets surf with feedback and blues harp. One of their best.

I like this one too:

Off to Vegas. Me and Sandy are getting our hubby an in-room shower show from some young stuff. He deserves it.

Roky Erickson manana. I'm stoked.

Enjoy this wonderful playlist for your weekend pool party. It's a gas.

Vickie Rock - My D-d-d-d-degeneration is hot and strong

Anonymous said...

As usual, I posted the wrong youtube address. So here goes the right one for the Eyes:

Vickie Rock