Thursday, April 02, 2015

Cynthia Lennon 1939 -- 2015

Apart from being great musicians, the Fabs were admirable people -- as evidenced, obviously, by how well all the Beatles kids have turned out -- but they were not saints, and, unsurprisingly, some of the folks in their orbit got a raw deal. Pete Best comes immediately to mind, and Cyn -- who I always liked -- as well. Against the odds, however, she was a pretty classy lady by all accounts, and our condolences go out to Julian and everyone else who knew and loved her.


Jai Guru Dave said...

And Yoko's comment was: "...I felt proud how we two women stood firm in the Beatles family." !!!

It's amazing how she retains her ability to get under my skin even all these years later.

Anonymous said...

Well said, Steve.

Anonymous said...

A late friend of mine wrote a song about Cynthia getting fucked over called "Cyn's New Nose." It was tragic, but darkly funny. He wrote it in the hospital where he would soon die from diabetes on his 31st birthday. I never got a tape of it.

Vickie Rock

Brooklyn Girl in Queens said...

Jai Guru Dave said…

It's amazing how (Yoko) retains her ability to get under my skin even all these years later.

I feel the same way. She irritates the shit out of me. The original Con Artist, meaning that she turned conning people into an "art form" (which is why I think John admired her --- she actually got people to bang a nail into an apple and pretend it was significant).

MoMA is doing a retrospective of her "work" later this year. I'll pass.

And RIP, Cynthia --- you were cool.

cthulhu said...

It's highly politically incorrect and juvenile, but Harlan Ellison had one of the best takes on Yoko, from his early-70s TV reviews for the LA Free Press: "Yoko Ono - who has GOT to be the ugliest chick in the civilized world..."

I think she sucks too. RIP Cynthia.

Anonymous said...

That horse died long ago.