Monday, April 20, 2015

Will Our Mystery Guests Enter and Sign In, Please?

Okay, obviously, the guy with the great haircut in the middle of this photo -- which I had never seen until last week, BTW -- is, if memory serves, the guitarist for some British band that achieved some minor notoriety.

But do you know who the guys on the drums and bass are?

Here's a hint: The pic was taken in Los Angeles sometime in October or November of 1968.

A coveted PowerPop No-Prize will be awarded to the first reader who correctly identifies the musicians WITHOUT googling.

[h/t Steve Hoffman]


FD13NYC said...

Joe Osborne on bass, Jackie Lomax behind the drum kit. George was in LA producing Jackie's album. Some other members of the Wrecking Crew were involved. Larry Knechtel also I believe. Good post Steve!

steve simels said...


Hal Blaine was on those sessions as well (I don't think Jackie Lomax actually played drums)

In any case, I think this is the first picture of the great Joe Osborn I've ever seen.

Anonymous said...

You desperately NEED, NEED, NEED to seek out the documentary Tommy Tedesco's son did on THE WRECKING CREW.

J. Lag

Dave said...

What J Lag said. Alas, the movie just ended it's run at the IFC Center in Manhattan, but it's available on demand from many cable systems.

Dave F

Marc Platt said...

Right after this session, Harrison was off to Woodstock, NY to jam with Zimmy and The Hawks for 1 month.

Anonymous said...

That's a badass vintage guitar George is playing. Looks to be an Gibson ES 5. Never seen him with one of those before. I wonder if it belonged to him or he was just borrowing it?

George didn't exactly go directly to Dylan's pad after Lomax. He cut 1/2 the Electronic Sound masterpice:-); appeared on the Smothers Brothers and played rhythm guitar on this tune before Thanksgiving with Zim and the kids:

I swore I saw George at the Cream concert at the Forum that year, but it's not in any books that I know of. So it must not have happened. He was definitely in town at the time. Was that a figment of my imagination or a fuckin' ringer?

Vickie Rock - Just made the best Chicken Fettucine Alfredo known to man for hubby's sin-din. It's slightly entheogenic too. Sandy's gonna fetter and feed him, while I stir the creamy sauce to simmer. Bon appetit.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and this song is purported to have been written on his stay at Dylan's. For those who don't know it, enjoy the great sonic quality.

Vickie Rock - The Waiting is the Hardest Part