Friday, May 08, 2015

Good Taste is Timeless

From 1979, please enjoy Philadelphia punkers The A's and their immortal ode to the "Teenage Jerkoff" in all of us.

I hadn't thought about this song in years, but it popped into my head unbidden this morning and it seemed to match my mood.

See you next week.


Anonymous said...

I loved "Parasite," bought the album which was blah. These guys were bandwagon jumpers, you can tell by their age. There was even slide guitar on the LP. Ugh.

Billy B said...

Too bad I can't listen to the tune (at the borg). These cats look like they were going for a Ramones vibe.

Anonymous said...

Nestling comfortably collecting dust next to my Aardvark LP is The A's.

Don't let the leather jackets fool you Billy B., these guys are new wave / powerpop wannabe's. The first LP is indicative of the times. The second one is crumby and exposes their pose.

That said, "Teenage Jerk Off", "Parasite" and even the tune with the slide guitar, "After Last Night", are passable, though essentially forgettable.

If you're from Philly you might feel differently, however.


Mark said...

And speaking of power pop and who is or isn't wannabes, the best straight-ahead power pop album I've heard this year is COMPLICATIONS, from the long-running Spanish outfit, Dover, a band that in its more recent incarnations was pop-rock and electro-poppish more than anything else.

The album zips along with crunchy guitar sounds and Cars-like production sounds. Dover's lead singer, Christina Llanos sounds a bit like Debbi Peterson of The Bangles with a touch of Aimee Mann.

Anonymous said...

You're fuckin' A right about Dover. They rock a lot harder than most any power-poppers. They grunge it up. I've dug these guys for years and love all the stylistic changes. De puta madre!


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