Thursday, May 07, 2015

It's Always Something

The bad news: My mom's toilet exploded at 5:30 this morning.

The good news: I hadn't heard this song from Springsteen's first album in a zillion years and I'd forgotten how much I liked it.


pete said...

When we meet in Heaven, Steve, you will be enthroned under canopies of glory, with ten thousand virgins bringing you sherbet. I hope you like sherbet.

Anonymous said...

I shutter to think what caused the exploding toilet.

Capt. Al

Anonymous said...

Many a moon ago Sandy and I and one of our boyfriends were hanging out at my place. The three of us had just gone to see Last Tango In Paris. We were partaking of some cheap Gallo Pink Chablis wine, a doob or two and ourselves. Eventually the guitars came out and we started having some fun.

Our guy started riffing on Lost In the Flood but he didn't know the lyrics. So he started describing scenes from Last Tango in place of the words. It seemed like a scathingly brilliant idea in our state. So Sandy started the cassette recorder to capture the moment. We laughed and sang for quite a while and worked out one verse of wholesale lyric changes. "Lost In the Flood" became "Fucked In the Butt."