Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Monsters of Rock

Meanwhile, while the rest of the citizens of our noble republic were obsessing about historically insignificant pishers like Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump, THIS was going on at a bar in Burbank, California last Saturday.

Priorities, people!

[h/t Nelson Bragg]


steve simels said...

I should add that had I known that my one of great unsung heroes, Gary Myrick, was going to be on-stage, I would have flown out there in a heartbeat to attend.

Anonymous said...

Hello all...no, please remain seated,

To say that this is cool is to merely state the obvious. Link Wray had metric fuck-tons of cool.

BTW...I may have shared this before, but...there's a you tube video of his-Link-ness describing how he wrote Rumble:



buzzbabyjesus said...

Damn that's cool. Rumble is one of the first songs I learned after Pipeline.

Anonymous said...

That is what heavy metal should have sounded like.

Captain Al

Billy B said...

I bet that was a killer show. Link was the man.

Anonymous said...

Still got the swagger. I saw last year's "Rumble" at the Redwood Bar & Grill. Myrick was on stage along with Carla Olson, Davie Allan, and bunch of others.

Cody's has a real good dive vibe. But the mexican food is unremarkable to say the least. Best I can say about it is that it'll make a turd. They don't pour very strong drinks either.

First thing I learned on guitar was "Bonanza". "Wipeout", both drums and guitar, came around the same time.

Last time I saw Myrick, he was parked at the curb in front of Atomic Records. He was reading the newspaper in his convertible. His girlfriend was flipping through records along side me. I was trying to find a clean copy of Jerry Jeff Walker's self-titled Decca debut. She asked me which Wackers LP I would recommend. This led to other, more interesting, stuff happening.