Friday, May 06, 2016

The Year of the Cat

The Incomparable Eddie© is under the weather and we're taking him to the vet. the shoes only he can fill

So no musical posting today.

Regular stuff, including that video round-up I keep threatening, resumes on Monday.

Have a great weekend, everybody.

UPDATE:  Eddie without costume and makeup, and before his recent medical problems.

I like to think of that as his glamour shot. Like the ones they took of the great movie stars in the 30s and 40s.

UPDATE II: And here he is in his makeup test for the forthcoming horror flick The Animal/Medical Center After Midnight!

Not for nothing do they call him The Cat of a Thousand Faces!


Anonymous said...

Nice to see you have your priorities right.
Get well soon, Eddie!

steve simels said...

Doc said he'll be fine.


Anonymous said...

Good to hear Eddie is doing fine. It's a tough haul when you're looking after two invalids.

Uncle Allan

GLLinMO said...

Is this a new cat, since you said you had lost one a year or so ago.?

While I won't admit to being a cat person, my wife loves them. We justify lost one a month ago, and have one sick now. Quite sad. All very cool cats. Maybe that's where the expression came from...

steve simels said...

We've had Eddie three years now. Or he's had us, more accurately.

You'll see why when I post a photo later.

Anonymous said...

Not exactly a Hurell, nevertheless, a fine lookin' cat. Bet he don't allow no other tom cats come pussy footin' around.


Anonymous said...

He has that faraway look of an intellectual.

Capt. Al

steve simels said...

VR -- he's 20 pounds, and no flab. You better believe he don't allow no other tom cats....

Anonymous said...

Twenty pounds, huh? So he's only slightly smaller than the average New York City rat.

Sorry, I was channeling DAVID LETTERMAN there :)

J. Lag

Alzo said...

Phenomenal Cat.