Monday, September 19, 2016

If It's Monday, It Must Be Separated at Birth!

First, a commercial: Our friend Sal Nunziato, who blogs at the splendid BURNING WOOD and has turned me on to more great music than I can calculate, is having an unofficial fundraiser; if you can see your way to sparing a little disposable income, please do. And consider yourself a patron of the arts.

And now the jokes.

Seriously, Sal used to do a satirical blog called It's Only Mock & Roll; for a sample, get thee to this entry -- BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN SELLS NAMING RIGHTS FOR E-STREET BAND-THEMED RESTAURANT and prepare to laugh your ass off.

He also put up a couple of photo yocks which I'm stealing (hence the title of today's post).

For example, who would have suspected the distinct familial resemblance between Kinks' guitarist Dave Davies and the late Talulah Bankhead?

Or between Yes keyboardist Rick Wakeman and legendary First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt?

Not I, said the Little Red Hen.

In any case, thanks to honorary Floor Model and Friend of PowerPop Ronnie D'Addario, here's two new pairings --

Tragic Badfinger guitarist Pete Ham and Mr. Baseball himself, Bob Uecker!

Not to mention Lady Liberty and The King of Rock 'n' Roll.

Hey -- I said these are the jokes. I made no guarantees that they'd be funny.


Alzo said...

Okay, Dave Davies and Tallulah Bankhead made me laugh, dahling.
But seeing Pete Ham just made me sad.

Anonymous said...

Hello, please remain seated,

I have no idea how to embed pictures so I'll just make a suggestion: Google images of Sansa Stark (actress Sophie Turner). Now google images of the early 80's Boy George. I'll wait.....

See what I mean?