Tuesday, August 01, 2017

We Interrupt Churchy LaFemme Week to Bring You Tuesday's Moment of Words Fail Me

From British teevee in 2015, Elvis Costello plays Elvis Presley's guitar from 1956.

[h/t Tony Janelli]


mainuh said...

Neat video Steve.
I'm a BBC viewer, am a Jonathon Ross fan and could never figure out why they fired him.
While not on the same icon scale as the Elvis guitar , I have an acquaintance who owns much of the Mick Ronson equipment estate. In particular he owns Micks Bowie guitar, 1968 Les Paul. Rick plays in a band of a friend of mine and they often join along with Ian Hunter when he closes his set. No white gloves for that guitar, it still sings it's notes.



steve simels said...

rob --

What a great story, thanks.

Ken J Xenozar said...

Here in Chicago, John Lennon's Martin guitar that he played on Double Fantasy resides at the Old Town School of Folk Music (how it arrived is another story). When it first arrived, they let students play it. At the time, I was just learning to play in an intro class, and I got an opportunity to hold and strum. It was very cool they way to you could look at the belt buckle scratches in the back and see the same guitar and belt buckle in a picture of John. But the most amazing thing was when the teacher took it and played some later Lennon songs, it REALLY sounded like John's guitar. I know that sounds crazy, but it really did.

Anonymous said...

An acquaintance of mine, who played in The Light, caught a piece of the Hendrix guitar that he destroyed during Wild Thing at Monterey and threw into the audience. He recently sold it for thousands and thousands of dollars.