Monday, July 31, 2017

It's Churchy LaFemme Week: Part I -- Special Frog Legs Edition

From le magnifique 2010 compilation C'est Chic! French girl singers of the 1960s...

...please enjoy the splendidly monikered Les Gam's and their perhaps overly Gallic girl group offering "L'Ete Reviendra."

Which translates, in case you were wondering, as "summer will return."

I should add that I got turned on to the CD above, and all it contains, by my younger brother, who has -- shall we say -- eclectic tastes. Thanks, Drew!

Coming tomorrow: A song by a woman who was a genuine muse of the Nouvelle Vague.


pete said...

I love the yeh-yeh girls. But has France ever produced a decent rock band? Germany, yes; Spain, yes.

danny1959 said...

Why is it that the French can't rock to save their lives?