Monday, January 13, 2020

Music By People I Actually Know (An Occasional Series): Special "There's a Dirty Joke In Here Somewhere" Edition

From last month, please enjoy The John Sally Ride -- featuring friend of PowerPop and proprietor of the fabulous music blog BURNING WOOD Sal Nunziato on drums -- and their suggestively monikered and completely rocking new single "Far From Eaten Out."

And who are these guys? Well, attentive readers will doubtless recall my enthusing about them in the recent past, but here's how the press release for their 2017 debut CD explained it.

The John Sally Ride was inevitable. Long time friends, with thousands of combined hours listening to and talking about music, the trio of musicians that comprise this exciting new band had been making music separately for years. The time had finally come to make a record together. It wasn't just their mutual love of The Kinks, David Bowie and Todd Rundgren. And it wasn't just that special knack of finishing each other's musical sentences. It was all of that, for sure. But, like any great band/record, it all starts with the songs and the magic that suddenly took hold of these gents when they finally hit the studio.

To make a short story long, this record is so wonderful I hate the people who made it, even though as I said up top, I consider Sal a friend.

No kidding -- how dare these guys release a better single than mine in the same season!!! I mean seriously -- not only is "Eaten" a knockout of a song in a sort of hybrid power pop/hard rock vein, but the guitar work by Joe Pampel is ridiculously cool.

As are the lyrics by the song's auteur John Dunbar.

I wish I lead the life you think I lead
I stay at home each night and mostly read
My weekends end so weak and don't start strong
You'd guess they're all booked up and you'd be wrong

You say I'm out and all about
But I'm inside with a can of stout

You think I'm living where it's hip to be
The neighborhood I'm in it takes a trip to see

Life's now one long defeating bout
No drum rolls will be beaten out
And your heart will be far from eaten out
Your heart will be far from eaten out

I hope you never learn of what I do
I'd say it's nothing like the life I knew
The tears will never fear a drought
I'm at the laundry using Shout
And your heart will be far from eaten out
Your heart will be far from eaten out

Just shoot me now. In a good way, of course.

Meanwhile, you can (and should) purchase "Far From Eaten Out" over at Bandcamp HERE. It's also available at Amazon and Spotify.

And, of course, at YouTube.

I should add that a second single by these guys is due next month, and a full-length album by summer.

Hey -- what are you waiting for? Go download or stream "Far From Eaten Out" right now!!!

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Unknown said...

Nice. Well done Sal & Co. Great that they are living the dream, unlike most of us (including me) whose lives reflect the song's lyrics to an uncomfortable degree.
And Steve, kudos to you too for your music and this blog.