Monday, March 06, 2023

The Tearaways Explain It All to You

Any Band Featuring Blondie Drummer Clem Burke is Automatically Worth Hearing!

Case in point: The Tearaways, featuring the aforementioned Burke, and who are seen below ripping it up in honor of three earlier drum greats.

So -- who are these guys, anyway?

Well, the short version is that they're a bunch of mostly Californian Brit Invasion/Power Pop-influenced vets who, at various times and in various line-ups, have been making great music (like the above) since the early '80s. In their most recent incarnation, they've toured all over, in preparation for...oh, just making a great new album -- produced by pesonal hero of mine Ed Stasium (Ramones, Talking Heads, Smithereens), and featuring guest keyboard wiz Benmont Tench -- which drops momentarily. I should add that the band's instantly addictive new single "Saturday Everyday" derives from same, and definitely behooves behearing.

The actual, official video of said single will be available for public consumption on Wednesday; I'll post it then and I guarantee you'll thank me.

In the meantime, you can find out more about The Tearaways over at their official website HERE.


Gummo said...

I'm usually dubious about rock songs about rock, but Charlie Keith and Ringo is very catchy and cute. And of course, it's got Burke's amazing drumming all over it. Thanks, Mr. S.

Alzo said...

Many drummers are identifiable by their style. Clem Burke has an unmistakable snare sound. said...

I read Clems name referenced often but am not familiar enough with their catalog where I can point him out.
My most underrated "contemporary" drummer would have to be -
Stewart Copeland