Friday, April 21, 2023

La Fin de la Semaine Essay Question: Special "Loud Fast Girls Rule, Okay!" Edition

From 2023 (right about now, in other words) please enjoy legendary local hero Minnesota punkette rocker Cindy Lawson and her kick-posterior new single "Don't Come Crying to Me."

YMMV, but I hear a lot of Patti Smith in there, and more than a hint of the early (i.e. when she was still in Detroit) Suzi Quatro, but whatever influences you wanna cite, the above is as infectious and makes-you-want-to-jump-around as it gets. Let me be blunt: If I had stumbled into a show at some dive club years ago (or last week, actually) that resembled the above, I would have been hopelessly, embarrassingly smitten on the spot.

Honesty compels me to note that I was previously unfamiliar with Lawson, but she's apparently been in a succession of cool bands in the Minneapolis area for quite a while; the current batch she's playing with got together last year, when her album New Tricks, her first in a quarter century(!) was released on Rum Bar Records. That new song is from her forthcoming waxing, also titled Don't Come Crying to Me, which will be out any minute, also on Rum Bar. You can learn more about Cindy, not to mention hear (and order, 'natch) more of her music, over at her official sort-of-website HERE.

I should add that the gentleman playing guitar on the right in the video is named Jerry Lefkowitz. Jerry's a friend I've never met in person who used to be in a brilliant Minneapolis-area band called Something Fierce; I've written about them in these precincts a number of times, but if you missed those posts, here's a link where you can get the back story. And quite a story it is, trust me.

But now to business. To wit:

...and your favorite punk/New Wave gal singer (preferrably in a band, but solo artists are okay) is...???


And have a great weekend, everybody!


getawaygoober said...

Tina Weymouth

Anonymous said...

Another great tip! I sampled a few songs on bandcamp, too. Lots of fun.

My favorite punk/New Wave gal singer: Chrissie Hynde. Siouxsie Sioux is a close runner-up.

- Paul in DK

Anonymous said...

tKim Shattuck of The Muffs

Alzo said...

Ellen Foley. Lovely lass with prodigious lung power.

elroy said...

Chrissie Hynde can tell me to get off her lawn anytime.

Allan Rosenberg said...


Would Lydia Loveless count?

If not I'll suggest someone else.

Captain Al

steve simels said...

Lydia for sure.

Haik Mendelovich said...

Lisa Walker, of the amazing Cincinnati band Wussy.

steve simels said...

I’m actually rather partial to Jill Kossoris of the Shivers.

Allan Rosenberg said...

Well then:

Lydia Loveless & her band!

Captain Al

Goran said...

Kim Shattuck!