Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Oh Well, At Least It Isn't Auto-Tuned

So the other day I was comfortably ensconced, popcorn in hand, in the dark vastness of my local Hell Octaplex. When the pre-trailer music-radio played a new recording by Placebo called "Loud Like Love."

Now, Placebo is a band the very existence of whom I had managed to fail to notice until last week. But the radio announcer/dee-jay was kind enough to inform me that they've been around since the early 90s, are big in the UK, and in fact have sold 12 million albums worldwide (none of them to me, obviously).

In any case here's the track in question.

Three thoughts immediately occur upon contemplating it.

1. The song seems to be a pleasant enough, if ultimately mediocre, piece of 21st century folk-rock.

2. Is it just me, or does the singer sound unpleasantly like Neil Diamond in his "Coming to America" phase?

3. What kind of dumb fucking name is Placebo? I mean, what the hell -- some other band had already used Ersatz or Phony?


FD13NYC said...

Not horrible, but generic and boring, and too long, clocking in at almost 5 minutes. Silly name Placebo,
having no musical effect but presented merely to satisfy a listener who supposes it to be music.

pia said...

I think they either want us to know they're being incredibly ironic or are just meaningless, powerless, lifeless

Mrs. Peel said...

All in black, a porkpie hat, lots of tattoos --- how original.