Friday, September 13, 2013

Unsolicited Track of the Week: Special Zero Dark Thirty (Forty) Edition

So on the theory that occasionally this here blog should feature music actually recorded in this decade (hell, this century) please enjoy a brand spanking new track from the brand spanking new indie EP by New York City based pop/rock quartet Jasko -- the insinuating (i.e., it grows on you) "The Memo."

I hear some interesting echoes here of the sort of metallic minimalism of the first two Joe Jackson records, but that may just be me. In any case, a swell song and sentiment, and the rest of the EP also behooves behearing.

You can -- and indeed should -- find out more about these guys and download the rest of the EP over HERE

I should add, however, that the last two tracks -- the self-explanatory "Blackout Drunk" and "Hungover -- have a certain ambience and lyrical resemblance to certain early 70s Kinks songs that, depending on your mood, you'll either find amusing or perhaps just desperate cries for help.

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The Phantom Creep said...

This kids on YouTube singing live with Mike Viola.

Pretty cool.