Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Slacker Tuesday: Special Yes, The Beatles Really Were That Fricking Good Edition

Our good pal Sal Nunziato, over at BURNING WOOD, put this up last week, and it has gone viral since.

But in case you missed it -- behold in breathless wonder.

The Abbey Road Medley, with (mostly) just the vocals.

Words, as I am wont to say, utterly fail me.


FD13NYC said...

They made a good effort for their last hurrah. And, oh yes, they could really sing!

Gummo said...

When they first hit in America, weren't they considered a "singing group," and the fact that they played their own instruments treated almost as a gimmick?

That's my vague recollection, but I was a wee toddler tot at the time.

Jai Guru Dave said...

I am gobsmacked!!

There's a group out of Toronto called "Classic Albums Live" that does (among other albums) "Abbey Road". No costumes, no accents, just the music, which they did superbly, cut for cut. I saw them earlier this summer in East Hampton on Long Island. They are not to be missed if they come to your town.

Anonymous said...

There's this, too. I was just telling my wife it's stunning how different the timbre of John and Paul's voices were, and yet when they're singing harmony it sounds like one animal.

This song also reminds me how revolutionary they were from the fucking get-go.

John Fowler said...

Thank you Thank you Thank you!
my Friday afternoon is made!