Monday, September 16, 2013

The Way We Were

The Floor Models, live at JPs in Manhattan, on October 15, 1982.

Featuring Andy "Folk Rock" Pasternack (1955-2013) on Rickenbacker 12-string.

His guitar work on this set is absolutely gorgeous throughout, as it always was. I frankly consider myself blessed to have been able to hear that huge sound emanating from the other side of a cramped stage on so many occasions.


steve simels said...

Incidentally, the opening minute of footage here -- of the refrigerator in the basement at JPs -- is included as my tribute to that other Andy, Mr. Warhol.

Mrs. Peel said...

He really was wonderfully talented.

Anonymous said...

Wow! That is great. McGuinn had nothing on Andy.

Glen Robert Allen said...

Lucky bunch,were we, to know and work with Andy.

Anonymous said...

Andy's words beautifully expressed what was his obvious pride in the music The Floor Models' made.

Allan Rosenberg

Gummo said...

Sweet, sweet stuff.

That guitar intro to the second song is just gorgeous.

RIP, Mr. Pasternack.