Monday, September 29, 2014

Beatles Week: Part I -- The Walrus Was Orlando

Well, here's one you may have missed.

Actually, I found the above while looking for something else online over the weekend; yes, I know it's stupid, but it made me laugh out loud anyway.

Apparently, the original idea for the Fabs' second film was centered around their heretofore unsuspected enthusiasm for the avuncular host of a certain beloved TV program.

Or perhaps not.


Anonymous said...

Kelp isn't even a fish. It's seaweed. I used to date a guy whose dad had a business selling dried kelp in 50 pound sacks to cattle farmers. Supposedly, it was a nutritional supplement. We suspected the claims were dubious at best.

My boyfriend used to do deliveries for his dad's kelp business early in the morning. Then he'd swing by my high school in the company's Ranchero around 10:00 AM and we'd head for the beach or whatever struck our fancy. Needless to say, my high school attendance records were abysmal. The Devil's seaweed played a big part in that.

BTW, I'm sure you've seen and maybe own this Beatles bootleg. The cover is a classic:

Off to the Bass Pro Shop for some soft bait of the Mister Twister Magnum SinSation variety,

Vickie Rock - Hooking the big ones:-)

steve simels said...

Vicki--I think you're being excessively literal here.

edward said...

Kelp is, however, great fertilizer.

Anonymous said...

Steve: I'll cop to excessively littoral. We are talkin' about seaweed here, right?

And just to prove how literal I am, check this out:

Get your depth finders out. The deep-drop action is great. Honey, they're really biting.

Vickie Rock - the one that got away