Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Your Wednesday Moment of NO GOOGLING!!!!!

From 2013, please enjoy the appropriately titled "The Man Who Never Was" by...well, actually I'm not going to tell you who it's by, which is why it's appropriately titled.

In any case, it's a great kick-ass rock song by people you've probably heard of, and the whole point is for you to guess who it is.

Have I mentioned no Googling?

Anyway, if you already know please don't give it away in comments.

I should also add that if you didn't know in advance and still managed to guess right strictly because you're too cool for school, you will win a coveted PowerPop No-Prize and all the gloating privileges that entails.

You're welcome.

UPDATE: For those of you who didn't cheat, that track is, of course the more interesting than I thought Rick Springfield collaborating with Dave Grohl and company, from the soundtrack to the quite splendid music documentary Sound City, which I had somehow missed when it came out last year. A terrific movie, BTW, and I highly recommend it. Here's the trailer...

...and you can stream the whole thing at Amazon.


Anonymous said...

Ace Kefford?:-)

Too easy, baby. Thanks for the morning rock. Wanna swim??

Vickie Rock - Splish Splash

Alzo said...

You said no Googling, but you didn't say no Soundhound. Only one burning question:
Are they fighting for Foo or against Foo?

buzzbabyjesus said...

I Googled, so I'm not saying. Except for the vocals it's sounds a great deal like "Saturation" era Urge Overkill.

Anonymous said...

I agree. Sound City does rule! Labor's of love often turn out that way.

Springfield's vocals sound like he's the bastard son of Phil Lynott and Sammy Hagar that smoothed out their annoying traits.

Any reference to espionage always works for me. I gotta lotta Mata Hari in me with a dash of Ellen Rometsch and Christine Keeler.

Vickie Rock - Not exactly Olivia Joules

Voxtron said...

Nobody gives Rick Springfield any credit. Very talented guitarist singer and performer. Check out Who Killed Rock, Oblivious or Warning Shots.

Alzo said...

With his long, long career, Springfield is the Cliff Richard of Australia. Or maybe David Cassidy. Remember 'Speak to the Sky"?

buzzbabyjesus said...

I think I may have shared this before, but here is Rick Springfield as lead guitar in Zoot, with their pretty amazing "Turn Your Head"


Anonymous said...

I'm Zootin' out, man! Licks so tasty they're cunnilingual. Just from his playing you know this guy is dynamite in the sack. Oooh, could he slip and slide my frets away. Play me con fuoco, mon petit cheri! Tempo rubato.

Vickie Rock - Bring me to crescendo

buzzbabyjesus said...

The Pretty Things meet The Who Aussie style. In other words, fairly world class.

Anonymous said...

I'm hearing a bit of Amboy Dukes and US psych as well, esp during middle. I'd love to show Dr. Drake what a Nurse's Ball is all about. He'd definitely get his tadalafil's worth:-)

Vickie Rock - Sandy and I have a sex toy which we've affectionately named Eli Love