Thursday, September 04, 2014

Your Thursday Moment of Words Fail Me

I have three things to add about this.

1) This is the greatest thing ever.

2) It kills me that if I was 55 years younger, that girl STILL wouldn't give me a tumble.

3) My favorite moment: When the birds fly because she puts out such a heavy vibe. It's sort of a Goth version of the scene at the bunny ranch in El Topo.


Jai Guru Dave said...

I have one of those; and if you are NOT willing to paint the house black, it's no day at the beach; I'll tell you that for free!

Brooklyn Girl said...

Dude, if you were 55 years younger, you'd be 11 --- just sayin'. :-)

Anonymous said...

Still would be true: The Goth girl is too cool to give an 11-year-old a tumble, even the precocious Simels. ;-)

steve simels said...

So my math isn't so great.

Anonymous said...

Hello, please remain seated,

That is a pretty cool spot.


pete said...

I doubt she would give anyone a tumble.

Anonymous said...

Damienne?! Damienne!?

Not quite. Bela Lugosi's dead.

Identity and esteem issues live on.

Looks like a run of the mill Goth-In-A-Box girl to me. Apparently Hot Topic has reached Deutschland.

Could this be dad employing reverse psychology?

I saw El Topo in 1971 at some art house in Pasadena. It was on a triple feature with "Come Together", and "The Todd Killings." Hallucinogenic drugs were involved. Do you think any of rabbits were hurt during the shooting of the film?

Vickie Rock - Inspire me to dig for turtle eggs in the sand.

P.S. Heute Abend gehe ich zu Dita.

P.S. We had lunch in Temecula today while I took care of some biz. Next to the place we ate was a new dining establishment called "Bob's Got the Crabs." Wonder how long that business lasts.