Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Closed for Monkey Business

Taking a day off to work on my forthcoming true crime book/memoir -- "Unusual Matricides."

Regular, less homicidal, posting resumes tomorrow.


pete said...

There've been times I wanted to kill my mattress, too.

steve simels said...


Anonymous said...

I meant to post this recently when you showed that great picture of Fred "Sonic" Smith (from the MC5) and Patti Smith, but have been crazy-busy with work lately; I just discovered a single that was done for Island U.K. in 1977 by Rob Tyner, the MC5's lead singer. The A-side is called "Till The Night Is Gone", the B-side is "Flipside Rock", and on both he's backed by Eddie & The Hot Rods (of "Do Anything You Wanna Do" fame), who were on Island at the time. Check it out if you can find it on-line; it might be worth posting at some point.

J. Lag