Friday, November 07, 2014


From her 2013 EP Boy Crazy...

...please enjoy big-voiced farm girl next door Lydia Loveless and her jaw-droppingly great ode to the joys of having the sort of domestic dispute that, if videotaped, would have gotten you on an episode of COPS -- the amazingly honest, hilarious and fiendishly catchy "Lover's Spat."

I'm sorry, it just doesn't get any better than this.

Seriously -- this is so great, if I was thirty years younger I'd be trying to weasel myself into this band even if Lydia wasn't the lead singer.

INSPIRATIONAL VERSE: The lyrics to the second stanza and the bridge.

So don’t go running around naked by the side of the road
Honey, you look ridiculous
With that cut on your eye and your dick hanging out
Why don’t you care about us
Well, why don’t you stay for dinner or at least a late-night snack
Oh honey, I can’t relax
To know it’s just a lover’s spat

Oh excuse me, I don't think you know my father

This woman is a stone genius.


Gummo said...


Anonymous said...

Steve, this is exactly why you are appreciated. I am heading to itunes, pronto. This will be a cornerstone on my next mix tape.

steve simels said...

Credit where credit is due-- our friend Captain Al/ROTPlumber turned me in to her.

Mark said...

The Boy Crazy EP, on Bloodshot, is very nice as a whole. And yes, LOVER'S SPAT is great.

I don't know about you, but the third or fourth time I heard SPAT, I started hearing " ... tramps like us, baby we were born to run" when Loveless goes into " ... honey I can't relax, you know it's just a lover's spat."

steve simels said...

Mark--I was just thinking the same thing.:-)

dSmith said...

From Wikipedia:"Consistent with her fascination with popular culture, one of the songs, "Lover's Spat," is about the notorious serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer.[25]"

Elroy said...

Thanks for this! Really enjoying it, have to get the EP.