Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Silly Love Songs R Us

Just shnorred a copy of the new Paul McCartney tribute album.

Like most tribute albums, it's wildly uneven, existing on a scale somewhere between complete crap, meh, what were they thinking?, alright but what's the point?, and okay, that's actually pretty good.

Haven't had a chance to really digest the whole thing, but at this point here are my two faves.

1. Bob Dylan -- Things We Said Today

2. Jeff Lynne -- Junk

The Dylan cover, obviously, is pro forma except for the fact that Bob sings it in his current raspy death rattle voice; I can understand why some people might have a problem with that, but I find it weirdly compelling.

The Lynne track, however, is just exquisite; "Junk" is one of Macca's most beautiful (and inexplicably underrated tunes) and I think this version does it total justice.


Anonymous said...

Love the Dylan track. And your description of it.

-Steve aka dirk gently

FD13NYC said...

Is there really anything that Jeff Lynne doesn't do brilliantly? Can't wait to check this collection out.

Brooklyn Girl in Queens said...

Lynne is channeling McCartney, fercrissakes --- the phrasing, tone and pronunciation are incredible.

And I love the picture on the cover. From the "Hard Day's Night" photo shoot?

pete said...

Things we said belongs with Full Moon and Empty Arms in Dylan's ongoing proof that If you're musician enough you really can sing well with no voice at all.

And did I say that I saw Jeff Lynne with the Idle Race opening for Deep Purple in Bournemouth, UK, spring 1970? He hadn't yet grown a beard - a weaker chin than Richard Thompson, even.

steve simels said...

Pete -- you actually saw the Idle Race?

I'm not worthy....

Anonymous said...

From now on when people say "how can you like that shit?" I'm going to answer: I find it weirdly compelling.