Tuesday, May 19, 2015

A Desperate Cry for Help

Okay -- I need some advice from you guys.

Long time readers are aware that my file sharing program of choice when I wanted to post an mp3 was Divshare. I used it because it was mostly free, easy to use, and basically reliable.

Did I mention that it was mostly free?

Anyway, you may however have noticed that I haven't put up any Divshare links in several weeks, and that all the links I ever posted over the years no longer play. And I have have been unable to find any news online about what the hell is going on over there; they may be out of business for all I know. Basically, it seems that Mr. Divshare he dead.

So -- has any got a suggestion for another service that does what Divshare did? Soundcloud looks promising, but I'd appreciate any advice you can give me.

Thanks in advance.


Paul Kelly said...

Hi Steve,
I used Divshare for quite a while, as well but eventually moved over to SoundCloud. It's a decent service, easy to use and pretty reasonably priced. It's also been around for a relatively long time now and is widely used––which could be a good sign or that they are due for a crash. All depends on how you look at it. ;-)
Good luck with it. I love your blog.

steve simels said...

Thanks, Paul!

Peter Power Pop said...

Back in my bloggin' days I used Box (https://www.box.com/). The service is free, and it'll let you play MP3s after you've uploaded them.

Here's a sample MP3 I uploaded a moment ago:


Box also gives you the embed code code so you can put the MP3 in a blog/web page.

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