Monday, May 18, 2015

Noted Without Comment

Prince's new single.

Entitled "Baltimore" for reasons that should be sadly obvious.

Okay, I will make three brief comments.

Number one: This is a great record. Number two: Good for Prince for getting this out there; obviously, he feels deeply about the subject.

And number three: It is appalling and infuriating that a song like this still needs to be written in America in the 21st century.


buzzbabyjesus said...

Number one: Not sure if it's great, but it isn't lazy. It is, however, about two minutes too long.

number two: Yes.

number three: Yes.

Anonymous said...

While the incident is of grave concern, the lyrics to this song are incredibly naive and stupid to the point of being laughable. I generally hate topical songs anyway. They never hold up.

But I guess Prince felt strongly about this. Good for him. Still, he doesn't exactly come off like a genius. I wonder what he's gonna write if and when they can't make the charges stick.

Let love, knee-jerk emotions and the guitar rule, but I'm waitin' to see how this whole thing plays out.


steve simels said...

The composers and performers of "Ohio" beg to differ. So do I.

Anonymous said...

I'll take that "For What It's Worth."


buzzbabyjesus said...

I guess that's "The Message" to take away here.

Unknown said...

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