Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Is It Just Me, or Does This Kick Major Ass?

John Lennon's isolated rhythm guitar track from "She Loves You."

Jeebus, listen to how he bangs out the big D chord before the choruses.

I should add that this was recorded with technology that seems almost comically primitive by contemporary standards.

[h/t Trademark Dave]


Dave said...

It is not just you.

Dave F.

buzzbabyjesus said...

All the others get more credit for their playing. John's guitar isn't singled out too often, but obviously he's an important part of the rhythm section.
Power chords, like Pete in The Who.

dave said...

I should mention I got this link via a post from the great cartoonist Bobby London. In appreciation, let me plug a recent book of his - a collection of his classic "Popeye" strips from the early 90s, including the ones the got censored by the syndicate and cost him his job!


Billy B said...

Cool. George really nailed this one, also.

dave said...

Sorry for that long link to Mr. London's "Popeye" collection - try this instead:


Anonymous said...

I can just picture him in those Beatle boots, feet spread wide, bending his knees to keep time, keeping me focused from the guitar down. The fibers of his will shot forth from that Hamburg 325 like sorcery taking us out of the tonal world. Give it to me simple. Give it to me solid. Something I can wrap my song around.


pete said...

The first-generation British Bands BC (before Clapton) were all driven by the rhythm guitar. Lennon, Townsend, both Davieses, put fat, heavy chords at the center of their records. Stones tracks like Satisfaction and Under My Thumb don't take flight until Brian Jones comes in with that broad strumming. On Down the Road A Piece they actually give him choruses.

Anonymous said...

Am I the only one who doesn't think this is The Beatles?

It just doesn't sound like the original recording or the 1963 Beatles.

Somebody convince me I'm wrong. I plan to play this on the next show I do with Steve. I'll throw this open to our listeners.

Guys give it a close listen.

Capt. Al

Anna said...

Yeah, I'm with you, Captain...even though YouTube commenters are the dimmest bulbs on the internets, 99% of them thought this was fake. And, seriously...the distorted guitar sound isn't on the real thing, and Lennon's playing is far more strummed...watch any live version from 63-64.

Anonymous said...

That explains it. Not the Beatles. Too Ballzy.

Production is different. Was originally recorded on two-track. Original master is lost or wiped.

An outfake from a 2007 bootleg.


العنب والتوت والبطيخ said...

thank you

Anonymous said...

Not the Beatles, but fun. Someone had a good time.

Anonymous said...

Didn't mean to shit on everybody's parade but the iso track just didn't sound right.

We all think Lennon is a great rhythm guitarist so we want to believe he can create magic.

Capt. Al