Monday, May 25, 2015

Happy Holiday!!!

From 1971 and their last album with Robin Trower, please enjoy Procol Harum and the most blues-wailing"Memorial Drive."

For obvious reasons.


Anonymous said...

A song about South Africa on Memorial Day? Oh well, I'll go with it.

This was occasionally their opening number on the Spring 1971 East Coast Tour. It turned out to be the last with Trower.

I saw PH a bunch of times with and without Robin Trower. But I never saw 'em do Memorial Drive in person. Thank God for the WPLJ broadcast that was subsequently bootlegged (link below).

By the time PH hit Southern California in August 1971, Dave Ball was the new guy and very green, with just a few shows under his belt. Plus Fanny opened, and, sorry girls, they kinda sucked.

But I have to admit that one of my most memorable PH shows was with Ball at the Bridges Auditorium in the Claremont Colleges. It was in the Spring of 1972. Leo Kottke opened. They were already doing a few numbers from Grand Hotel.

Here's the WPLJ concert iffen ya want it

VR - and Remember the Heroes

steve simels said...

It's about South Africa is a problem?

Oh well.

Anonymous said...

That is not a problem, in fact its a great song. I always have loved Reid's lyrics. It's just kind of a left-field choice. I think you misunderstood where I was coming from:-) So be nice.

And I'm thankful it wasn't "Billy, Don't Be a Hero."