Wednesday, October 28, 2015

And My Soul's Been Psychedelicized

Another recently discovered live performance -- from 1991 -- being considered for a bonus track on the upcoming remaster/reissue of this masterpiece.

Vocals and rhythm guitar by Gerry, spectacular lead guitar by J.D. Goldberg, inspired drumming by Glen "Bob" Allen, my musical director for the last 40 years, and pedestrian bass and lame joke at the top of the song by some guy whose name rhymes with Sleeve Nimels.

Too bad we were born to late to get the tune on the soundtrack to this.

And yes, the song itself IS a fairly shameless pastiche of "Eight Miles High." The difference is we admit it's about drugs.


phil henry said...

👍 👍

Anonymous said...

Totally trippin-dicular. Nice rippin' guitar, even if it falls just short of pulling ghosts out of the wiring.

Damn. Crosby and Hillman sure deserve more credit than they got for their contributions to 8MH. They make it percolate sensuously.

Perfect for mind-expansion near a warm fire and a fur rug, after having my buttons skillfully slashed off my blouse with a saber. Lay down the sword and gimme the sugar. Acquaint me with Richard Dagger.

VR - dos cubos por favor

Phil Cheese said...

Love it!