Thursday, October 01, 2015

Where's Elvira Mistress of the Dark When I Need Her?

From sometime in the early 90s, please enjoy Nashville-based rockers Gwil Owen and the Thieves and their sad and infectious "Haunted House."

This is from a cassette-only DIY release; these guys previously had a really terrific major label (Capitol) CD produced by, of all people, Marshall Crenshaw, which is highly recommended if you can find a copy.

I should add that given the recent changes here at Casa Simels, the song seems sadly appropriate to my mood.


Elroy said...

Any chance of adding Marshall Crenshaw to the Bands We Love blogroll?

Thanks for Haunted House, by the way. Good tune.

steve simels said...

I'll post another Thieves tune tomorrow.

They were really, really good.

pete said...

Lovely. Stay thirsty, my friend.

Anonymous said...

Have the LP and CD versions of "Seduced By Money" on Capitol/Bug. Also ordered the aforementioned cassette by mail. E-mailed Gwil not that long ago, but it's been at least a year. He has some other releases as well. Nice guy. Which means he actually answered my e-mails. He's a big songwriter for Nashville nowadays. Love his work with Toni Price and so many others. He's got the touch.

Mmmm. Baby, there's something in the water. Hope you're drinking it too.

Man, do I have a great story about that song. It involves a gorgeous blonde real estate agent who got knocked up when she was 16. At 36, she had been faithful and her kids were pretty grown up. She never tasted much of life and felt cheated. She showed me some properties and told me of her stifled life. A pity.

So I introduced her to the the pleasures of girl-on-girl contact. After she smoked her first bowl of hashish, that is. The Toni Price tune helped with the seduction and made it kinda dreamy and magical. The occasion also involved the Jefferson Airplane's Crown of Creation album, the 8-Track of which we made love to in the back of my Jeep. We were so In Time. And Jorma's Bigsby tailpiece inspired the flaming tongue lapping her into the Sapphic sisterhood. Yummy. Still see her on occasion. She's a frickin' wedding planner these days. But I digress. Wishing you smiles.

VR - Flying to Tucson tonight. And I mean literally flying the plane.

Jai Guru Dave said...

Check please.

Anonymous said...

But I digress.

A regular occurrence.