Wednesday, October 21, 2015

The Greatest 1966 Hollies Song The Hollies Never Did

From 2013, and their charmingly monikered album Crummy Desert Sound, please enjoy The Resonars and "The World is Wrong."

I know absolutely nothing about these guys except they're from California and they seem to have been genetically bred to produce music that sounds like The Hollies Stop Stop Stop album and god bless 'em for that.

Seriously, this is fucking awesome.

[h/t Capt. Al]


FD13NYC said...

Yes, pretty awesome!

steve simels said...

The drummer isn't as good as Bobby Elliot, but other than that...

Phil Henry said...

Happy Birthday Steve, from a fellow October 21ster.

steve simels said...


It's also Manfred Mann's birthday, BTW.

Anonymous said...

The Resonars are super nifty, tuff and bitchen.

Hope you get "reborn" on your B-day. My ex was a 10-21 Latin Libra Lover. I just bought him a cake and a couple of shirts for a little same time next year action. Best wishes and Happy Birthday.


Tom said...

Also, it's always pretty much been one guy doing all of the playing and singing.