Thursday, October 15, 2015

Your Thursday Moment of Shameless Plugola

From 1991, and their album Robot World, please enjoy New Zealand rock gods Bailter Space and the album's second track, the coincidentally titled "Robot World." (What -- you were expecting "Satisfaction"?)

I bring these guys, who were unknown to me until very recently, up because I have discovered that Brent McLachlan, the ace engineer and all around fine fellow who worked on the sessions for the Floor Models new song, was the drummer. (That's him, looking like an antipodean Bun E. Carlos, in the back of the photo).

I also bring this up because the band has, rightly so, been described as the Sonic Youth or Dinosaur Jr. of New Zealand, and because this particular song is frankly fucking awesome, especially under the headphones. And there's plenty more of their stuff on YouTube, so investigate away.


Anonymous said...

from the awesome Flying Nun label. Bailter Space were previously The Gordons; not really sure why they changed their name, since it was roughly the same textured guitar drone.

Lots of great jangly pop was on Flying Nun - The Chills, The Verlaines, Sneaky Feelings, The Bats, Look Blue Go Purple, The Clean. My favorites were all the bands that were spawned from The Jean Paul Sartre Experience - Stereo Bus, Superette, David Mulcahy solo, KIMO.

Peter Power Pop said...

In addition to the dreamy "Robot World", I can thoroughly recommend their equally ear-splitting "X". It's one of my favourite pieces of music to have come out of New Zealand.

Please play this as loudly as humanly possible:

buzzbabyjesus said...

Ugh! '90's headache!