Wednesday, February 01, 2017

Baby It's Cold Outside

From sometime in the early 80s, please enjoy the utterly amazing The Shivvers and their should have been a huge fricking single hit "Please Stand By."

Great video, but the sound sorta sucks. So here's the actual track in high fidelity.

Damn, those guys were good. Having been in a skinny tie band at the same time, I gotta say -- if I had encountered them in a club, I probably would have wanted to kill myself from jealousy.


Shriner said...

That "Lost Hits..." album is really, really great.

One of those bands that should have been a lot bigger. Maybe it's because they were from Milwaukee...

J. Lewellen said...

So damn good.

Equally killer? "Teen Line" (alas, the original single costs an arm and a leg).

Dave said...

New to me. And great.

Dave F.