Thursday, February 09, 2017

It's Rock Novelty Records Week: Part IV (Special Keep Watching the Skiesl Edition)

From 1956, please enjoy the great Buchanan and Goodman with the Mother of Them All -- "The Flying Saucer (Part 1 and 2)."

If you're not of a certain age, you really can't imagine how utterly unexpected and hilarious this single sounded back in the day. And who knew that Buchanan and Goodman had, in a pre-digital age, pretty much invented sampling?

And now, because I love you all more than food, from his classic 1975 album A Star is Bought, here's Albert Brooks and his Buchanan and Goodman tribute -- "Party in Outer Space." Its brilliant gimmick? All the "hits" are fake.

I particularly like the cameos by Lassie.


FD13NYC said...

Classic and brilliant!!

Elroy said...

Flying Saucer was fantastic! Spawned a sub-genre for a while.

Anonymous said...

Never got off on Dickie Goodman's endless series of lame cut-in songs. As far as space oriented novelty songs go, I much prefer "Martian Hop" by the Ran-Dells. And that other one about the Martian cigarettes.

VR - damn no ketchup