Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Why Isn't This Guy A Household Word? (An Occasional Series): Special Is This Turning Into Robbie Fulks Week? Edition

From 1999, please enjoy Robbie's ode to another pop icon -- "That Bangle Girl."

"I'd play her my records," indeed, Robbie. Indeed.

Although, I must admit -- for me the Bangle girl was, and always will be, Michael Steele.

A redhead. And a bass player. I mean, c'mon.

BTW -- I'd forgotten who played the chauffeur in this great Bangles video.

Damn, all of a sudden I really miss the 80s.

[h/t Matt Mitchell]


Blue Ash Fan said...

Sorry, Steve, but I'm with Robbie on this one.

Susanna only gets better looking and aren't you overlooking the fact that she's a member of the tribe? I wouldn't have minded having her in my Hebrew school class.

Anonymous said...

Both Michael and Susanna are extremely hot but the song was not.

Captain Al

Anonymous said...

This seems an opportune time to mention something that's been bugging me forever. All your videos cut off about 20% of the right hand side of the frame. This means I can't close the ad that hides much of the assets of the ladies in question, or maximize the box ... making an accurate evaluation difficult.
Don't have this problem with any other site. Is it just me?
PS: Loving Robbie Fulks Week!!

Ken J Xenozar said...

Bruce Springsteen should record "Let's Kill Saturday Night" so Robbie can have his payday. I always thought it was a great piece of powerpop


pete said...

I have the same problem as Anonymous

Mark said...

And for my two cents, I prefer the Katrina and the Waves version of Going Down To Liverpool, with or without Leonard Nimoy, and with the great Kimberly Rew (he of the Soft Boys) playing the best rhythm guitar imaginable.

steve simels said...

BTW -- I have no idea why that problem with the videos is happening. My other blog -- FLOOR YOUR LOVE -- does not have the same problem, and its also done with Blogger.

If somebody can suggest a solution, I'd be extremely grateful.

Anonymous said...

Not one of my fave Robbie songs. As smart, humorous, masterful and eclectic as he is, and, as fun is he is to see in a small club, Robbie just doesn't really stand out as a vocal presence imho.

Hoffs has held up well in the looks department and could arguably be improving with age. That is not the same case for Ms. Steele who is falling apart.

As far as the Bangles go, I like their influences and cover tunes more than the band itself. I could give a shit about a good portion of their "self-penned" songs. But covering The Changin' Times/La De Da's, Big Star, McKinleys, Katrina & the Waves, Merry-Go-Round, P.F. Sloan, Todd & Paul Simon are the high points for me. Plus "Hero Takes a Fall." and...

VR - love is never simple with a complicated girl

salhepatica said...

Regarding the video window size complaints: YouTube embed codes default to "560px" as the width of the video and "315px" as the height. The blog template for PowerPop postings clearly is not 560px wide, which is why the videos are cut off on the right. You can change these values to 480px wide and 290px high, and the full video window should display properly. If it still doesn't work, reduce it further; with all the controls available, you can always full-screen the video if you feel the resulting video window is too small. I know this works because that's how I post videos at Mistletunes.com. I make similar changes to the embed code when I see excessive widths in embeds from Soundcloud and Bandcamp.