Monday, February 06, 2017

It's Rock Novelty Records Week (An Occasional Series): Part I (Special Listen to the Warm Edition)

From 1959, please enjoy (if that is the word) famed voice-over guy Bob McFadden and his deeply annoying hit "The Mummy."

Written by, of all people, none other than sandal-wearing best selling poet of all time Rod McKuen.

From the great album Songs Our Mummy Taught Us, BTW.

And in case you're wondering, no -- I have no idea who Dor is supposed to be.

Coming tomorrow...nope, not gonna tell you. Hey, I suffered for my art -- now its YOUR turn.


Shriner said...

Really? You don't know who Dor is? Or is that part of the joke?

steve simels said...

Part of the joke. Didn't work too well, obviously.😀

Shriner said...

We need more novelty music in the top 40, for sure... It's a much misunderstood genre...

Anonymous said...

I don't what this says about my sensibilities but I adore that McFadden hit, especially the sax riff that comes in intermittently. It is, in the words of some guy who used to write for some rag called STEREO REVIEW, "sublimely silly."

It's a timely post too: ACE RECORDS, the excellent U.K. reissue company, has just released a various-artist CD collection of people doing songs that Rod McKuen wrote. I can't remember if "The Mummy" is on it, but Frank Sinatra's version of "Love's Been Good To Me" definitely is.

J. Lag

Anonymous said...

Actually, it's Tom Jones doing "Love's Been Good..." on the new ACE comp.

J. Lag

Anonymous said...

Has anyone ever figured out definitively if this is Bill Haley & the Comets backing them? This was a big hit in Berdoo. Never bought it, but it was played on the radio incessantly when I was four. It loses its flavor pretty fast. The way I see it, the other side of Rod McKuen's career was the real joke. At least the novelty side has a Richard Hell connection.


Dave said...

I bought this as a pre-teen kid, but even at that age, I realized this was pretty much a cop of some Stan Freberg-Jesse White routines, in particular "The Old Payola Roll Blues," which was a huge hit in L.A.

Dave F.