Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Why Isn't This Guy a Household Word? (An Occasional Series): Special Everybody's Working for the Weekend Edition

From 1998, this week's star Robbie Fulks proposes -- in interesting power pop terms -- "Let's Kill Saturday Night."

And from 1979, the angry young Graham Parker suggests this is unnecessary because "Saturday Night is Dead."

Already, obviously.

Wow -- I'll bet you guys can't possibly guess whose music I'll be posting tomorrow.


Ken J Xenozar said...

Whole series of great songwriters who should not be pigeon-holed by their clever novelty success: Fountains of Wayne, Robbie Fulks, Loudon Wainwright III.

tinpot said...

Been listening to Robbie's latest (Upland Stories), and it's excellent. He seems to have improved his vocals, which highlites just how good his songs are. Less honky-tonk/countryish too, which is fine in my book.
Also, what Ken (above) said.

Anonymous said...

Cigarette State is an amazing song of his.

Anonymous said...

LKSN was a disappointing album, at least for me.

Always thought "Saturday Nite Is Dead" was one of the lesser tracks on "Squeezing Out Sparks."

An outside guy I was seeing for a while, who knew next to nothing about Parker, referred to the album as "Squeezing Out Farts." I kicked him out of bed, gave him my copies of "Howlin' Wind" & "Heat Treatment" and told him to report back and repent.

VR looking for the heart of Saturday Night

Anonymous said...

My first exposure to Robbie Fulks was through 5 Chinese Brothers' cover of Let's Kill Sat. Night. And even though they were sorta kinda an alt-country band, their version of that song is pure power pop; and it's amazing.


MJConroy said...

Graham Parker is consistently great!

Dayn McBee said...

Hopefully, it's GP & The Rumour! I think even VR would approve.

John said...

Saw Robbie in at a bar in my little town of Cedar Falls, Iowa about 12 or 13 years ago. He blew the crowd away. Great songs, crack band, funnier than fuck. Been a fan ever since.