Monday, November 30, 2020

He's Not Paid to Think. Just Play.

And speaking as we were last week of greatest-pianist-in-rock-history Nicky Hopkins -- from 1967 and their masterpiece album Face to Face, please enjoy The Kinks and "Session Man."

I should add that not only does Hopkins play, brilliantly, on that track but it's also about him.


Anonymous said...

I remain grateful that you helped introduce me to the wonder of the Kinks back in the day and still keep the flame alive.

pete said...

Interesting that at the same time Talmy was producing great-sounding records by the Who he was also producing trashy-sounding mixes like this one. Ray complains about Talmy's poor production values in his autobiography. This track is is a good example. To begin with, where are the drums? If your ears can find them Mick Avory is rocking away back there. In fact, the whole tune really rocks if you can get past the sound of it.

Alzo said...

I'm 63 and I remember 'Lola' on the radio, but my Kinks education began with SR Record of the Year 'Muswell Hillbillies' (still an all-time fave) and the great comp 'The Kink Kronikles.' So, I had to backtrack to learn about them from the beginning. IMHO, the 'Face to Face' LP is the start of Ray's great leap forward. Great tunes with wry, wise lyrics conjuring an England of his own. God save the Kinks.