Thursday, November 05, 2020

Post-Election New Music (By People I Know Personally) Part II: Special "I Gotta Get Me One of Those Top Hats" Edition

From his wonderful 2020 album New York at Night,..

...please enjoy the incomparable Willie Nile (and band) and his (holy cow -- post pandemic) new video "Lost and Lonely World."

Willie has been releasing records since 1980, and I have to say -- with the exception of Richard Thompson, I can't think of another rocker of his generation who has been making such high quality music as consistently and for as long a time.

In any event, you can -- and (hey, you know) should -- grab a copy of NYAN over at Amazon HERE.


paulinca said...

Willie just keeps firing on all pistons! Discovered him with The Streets of New York. A wonderful troubadour!


Anonymous said...

Along with Richard Thompson, I'd add Ian Hunter.

steve simels said...

I concur about Ian Hunter, now that you mention.

pete said...

This is a terrific record. The first party I ever went to in NYC, maybe a week after I moved there, featured that first Arista album and nothing before or since has given that sense of "Here I am in New York City."

Anonymous said...

I'd add Dave Alvin to the consistency list.

Captain Al

Ken F said...

Willie Nile is the real deal. He means every word he sings, and he makes you believe him. Happily!