Monday, November 23, 2020

Your Monday Moment of Words Fail Me

From 2015, please enjoy Dawes and "All Your Favorite Bands."

I've been a sort of fan of those guys for a while, but that song -- which I hadn't ever heard until this morning, on the recommendation of a teenage friend of mine who has amazing good taste -- just destroys me.

I mean -- I'm not used to crying before breakfast.

[h/t Bekka Sakhno]


paulinca said...

Please continue to check this band out. Dawes truly is an album band, not a singles group. In their records, the band evolves in every release but the constant (along with solid playing) is Taylor Goldsmith's lyrics. I believe he's the greatest lyricist of the era. His songs are essentially short stories (you can tell who he reads) and philosophical. This wonderful song you've posted today sounds even better in the context of the album it comes from, which is a song suite of the phases of a failed relationship. Dawes is absolutely worth your time.


pete said...

There was a multi-artist project a few years ago, I think it was adding melodies to Basement-Tapes-era Dylan lyrics or something like that. Mumford and Sons, Elvis Costello, a couple others, with Dawes very much the who-is-this-guy, which he acknowledged frankly before running away and hiding with the entire program. Can anyone fill in the blanks?

pete said...

and Crying Before Breakfast is a great band name

FD13NYC said...

Good song!

paulinca said...

Pete - it was the New Basement Tapes. Dylan handed over notebooks of lyrics to Elvis Costello (a la Woody Guthrie to Billy Bragg) and he added Rhiannan Giddens, Jim James (My Morning Jacket), Marcus Mumford and Taylor Goldsmith. Cool documentary on the group, how each brought a new song per day. Worth checking out.

Anonymous said...

Agree with all the above.

Check out "Still Feel Like A Kid" from their latest album. And for crying before breakfast also checkout "A Little Bit O Everything" from Nothing Is Wrong.

The best songwriting and good taste arrangements of the last decade. The guys have been the real deal for a long while now.

Songwriting chops to burn.