Saturday, April 01, 2006

Genius? Or the Worst Thing Ever?

I can't decide, though I admit I'd really really like to see this.

Blondie and The New Cars with Todd Rundgren

(No, that's not a typo.)

Weirdly, I had been watching a DVR'ed episode of Super Seventies which included "Let's Go," and I was thinking about the loss of Ben Orr and the ascendancy of Ric Ocasek as a producer (and testing myself, and yes, I did still know the names of every member of the band). It ended and I flipped over to VH-1 Classics live to hear "Not Tonight," A New Cars new single. A weird experience altogether.

But maybe a fun summer night out. Anyone want to hit Jones Beach with me?

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Anonymous said...

That's actually an interesting combination.

I couldn't see Ocasek and Rundgren in the same band, so I'm glad to see they aren't attempting that. Of course I've been a bit of a Rundgren fan for a while.

I'm not a big Ocasek fan as it tends towards the same thing over and over again. Listening to his production tracks on No Doubt's Rock Steady and you couldn't miss the Ocasek sound. ack.