Friday, April 07, 2006

TMBG: New Song, New News

At the TMBG site.

And the return of Dial-a-Song! (well, online anyway...)
The new podcast features a brand new song called We Live In A Dump that is also currently playing on the unexpectedly resurrected Dial-A-Song. We recently scored a Record-A-Call 695 phone machine (circa 1980 somethin' and very similar to the original machines) from a friend of the band who pointed out its availability on Ebay- so a big thanks to them for the tip! Guess more often than not, these machines just get tossed these days, as they often get less than $10 at yard sales and ebay. The new machine itself is "dead mint" as the collectors say, so hopefully it will work for a long time. It does some of the odd things the sturdiest of the original one did - it runs slightly fast which make our voices sound chipmunky, and the playback heads jump momentarily on long notes thinking it might be the "message-over beep" so some songs sound a little nutso. But other than that, it's great! We should have some more songs in rotation upon our return to the East.

I'd also like to take a second to mention "Here Come the ABC's"--the six year old thinks it's a riot. If you've got nephews or nieces, it's just the thing, trust me. No Yanni in our house!


Dave said...

I just got that album! Um, for myself.

Anonymous said...

don't forget No! and Bed Bed Bed