Monday, April 24, 2006

White Rap

This may in fact be the worst thing ever, and that includes Olestra.

Average Homeboy

My favorite lines?

My house is just
Middle class
And every week it's my job to
Cut the grass.


I don't have a butler
Or a maid
And my exterminator is
A can of Raid.

(I especially like the computerized cockroach. Nice touch.)

No idea when this is from, but I'm guessing the second half of the 1980's. If it's any later, this guy definitely needs to be shot.

What it reminds me of most is the stunning work of DeeDee King, whose video "Funky Man" is a lot like this in style and pacing.

I like hot dogs
Franks and Beans
I grew up in
Forest Hills Queens

quoth DeeDee. (Note that his rhythm and rhyme scheme is slightly better. That's how you can tell he's a professional.)

Original link courtesy of Nim, who should be ashamed of himself.


Vicki said...

Damned Hamhock of Liberty!

He's not even in the family yet, and we already have to disown him!

Eli said...

1. My body is healthy, my rhymes make me wealthy, and the Funky Bunch... helps me.

2. Baby Got Book.

Dave said...

psh, this guy can't rap...he should take lessons from a THIRTEEN YEAR OLD GIRL. Enter Dahv. Even Avril Lavigne has a better flow than this dude.

Anonymous said...

See, that's the problem with rappers - they haven't had the blues. Consider how the legendary Blind Lemon Pledge (as revealed by Martin Mull) summed up the genuine lived suburban experience:

I woke up this afternoon
Both cars were gone
I said I woke up this afternoon
Man, both cars were gone
I felt so low down deep inside
I threw my drink accross the lawn

That's someone who has known real pain.


Anonymous said...

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